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“Why acting? Why the entertainment field at all…?”


Adam Ginsberg is an American actor, producer, voice artist and host from Long Island, New York.  Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Adam spent 20 years in the advertising industry before finding his way into acting and producing.  This corporate experience throughout his professional career led to a keen sense of the business side of projects which makes him an asset both in front of and behind the scenes on a production.


Ginsberg began his acting and producing career with theatre and events in 2009.  As the Producer and featured /lead actor, voice over artist and host for TwitchTwitch Productions, his projects included an assortment of plays and multi day conventions and events.  As an actor, he continually challenged himself with unique characters and the passion to bring them to life for his audience to appreciate.  His stage experience culminated with a successful Off Broadway run as a lead actor in Greg Cioffi's "The Interim".  As an Event Producer he has Co-Founded and represented the multi-annual, award winning, Macabre Faire Film Festival, a celebration of independant filmmaking from all over the world.  

His theatrical credits include an homage to the Johnny Carson show titled "Even Later with Salvatore Rizzo", "The Living Dead Mafia", "Qualia: Origins of The Undead", "The Dinner Party", and the "Horror Nights" project.

In 2011 he switched over to film acting and producing.  Since, he has perfomed as a lead or unique supporting character in over 30 film projects, has produced over a half dozen more and has even dabbled in directing as well.

His film credits include, "The Long Island Serial Killer", Pretty Fine Things", "Here's Lookin' at You, Kid", and "Lucky and the Pirates" among others.  Award winning films that he has been a part of include, "Prize", "Pretty Fine Things", and "Painkiller".  He can also be seen on television in an episode of Investigation Discovery's "The Perfect Murder".


On the Voice Artist and Hosting side of his career, he has created two unique radio programs of his own ("POD of The Dead",  and "Out of My Head Radio"), which currently can be heard on over a dozen stations around the globe.  He has also been the host of other unique radio offerings including the emotionally enriching, "Helping Hand, Open Heart", and currently one of the leading paranormal radio programs across the globe, "True Ghost Stories".

Ginsberg's versatility in voice over work can be heard not only on the radio, he has also voiced numerous commercials, audio books, unique recordings, shows, cartoons and movie trailers.  Voice Projects include the thought provoking video documentary series "Descendants of Atlantis" and an audio book of dark poetry titled "Whisper on the Wind".


It's Adam's passion for breathing life into the characters he portrays, combined with his educational background, that has allowed him to flourish in film, theater, voice over and hosting.  When asked, “Why this kind of work?  Why performing?”  Adam’s answer is immediate:


“It’s what I love to do.  I enjoy acting.  I feel as though it’s one of the main reasons I was put here, to entertain others.”


In his spare time, Adam enjoys being a dad, gaming, running, sci-fi movies, and a very good cup of coffee. 

For more information on Adam, click the IMDb icon.  Then reach out and let him get to work on your next project.


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